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Getting the best from your photography session

In this blog post I would like to share some tips and thoughts on how to get the best out of a photography session with your horse. There is much to consider when it comes to getting the best from your photographer and your horse on the day.

You know your horse, your photographer won’t, every horse is different and how they will react to this new situation can vary a lot. At all times it should be about the safety of the horse, if the horse isn’t comfortable and needs to be walked off, that comes first.

Not every horse will deal very well with flash or strobe photography so the location and the timing of the shoot should be given serious consideration. Early mornings and late evenings are the best for soft light and fewer shadows, while mid-day light is very hash and unforgiving on horse and rider. Natural light will always be the best source of illumination as it will enhance the textures of coats and eyes.

Consider the background, this can really make or break the outcome, the more effort you put in when the shoot is taking place the better the final result. This will also help towards the aesthetic you are looking to achieve, is it a rustic look, natural, barn or even modern and elegant. The location may not even be the yard, head to the beach, roll in the hills or that place that makes you happy, everything is mostly possible with a little planning.

If you are getting into the photograph yourself, give some consideration to what you are wearing on the day, costume changes are always possible, make the best of your time but do avoid the smart phone bulge, most jods now have a pocket for your mobile but they rarely look well in photographs.

Have some help on the day, bring your groom, your bestie or whomever, the more hands the merrier.

If you have an idea what you want share it with your photographer before the shoot, if you have a mood board share it, seen images on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest? Share them before the shoot day.

Importantly before you start know what you are getting for your investment, number of images, framed/unframed, social media images? time line, when is payment due.

Should you need to know more please get in contact with me.

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