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Cropping and composition, what’s in and what’s out.

Cropping and composition, what’s in and what’s out.

Cropping both in camera and in post-production can have a dramatic effect on your image. As a result of the improved quality of DSLR and micro four third digital cameras we are no longer restricted to getting that perfect shot on the day but rather the images can be adapted later.

What’s in and what’s out can be a very subjective thing but you should also consider where the image will be displayed.

Where will ii end up. Instagram, Facebook and all the other social media platforms have differing images size requirements to ensure optimum display quality in App (if in doubt go square). Will it be framed and be displayed on a wall? What size 4x6? 5x7? 12x18? And in what format, photographic paper, matt, gloss, or on canvas? Or even archival quality Giclée acid free papers? The possibilities are endless or will it go to your phone for that occasional accidental look while scrolling through looking for the picture you took of your wi-fi password?

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