A collection of my work from college during my four year degree.


'The Blight' I wrote and directed this 4th year short film. Little did we know at the time of shooting in December 2019 that by the time we had the film ready in January 2020 that we were facing into a very real pandemic. Life and art always proportionally mixed. ​


The Trailer
The Full Short


This is an excerpt from Schindler's list that we filmed in third year of our Hon's Degree program. I was director on the project. 



I created this audio piece as part of my work for my degree. 

It captures the early days of the Covid-19 Pandemic picked from the news headlines, government briefings and chat shows.  

I have used a creeping Shepard Rise Tone to increase the tension and I have also used a ticking clock. 

Covid19_SoundtrackArtist Name
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A radio documentary I produced during my Degree with TU Dublin. 


A train crash which occurred on the Great Southern and Western railway line at Fanure between Roscrea Co. Tipperary and Birr Co. Offaly on 19th July 1910 comes under investigation in this documentary. Produced by Darragh McNicholas