We can help you fulfill your podcasting ambitions. Content marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes and you can now add podcasting to the mix. Audio is now being used in clever ways to fit into content plans alongside video, blog
posts, visuals and social media updates.

Dan and Darragh do Ability

This is  a podcast I am involved in with fellow podcaster Dan Airey. We take a look at the ability in disability and each week we cover a variety of topics. I am responsible for producing the shows, editing them and getting them onto the Soundcloud platform and across the other podcasting sites.   

This University Socs and Clubs

This podcast was created as part of the TU Dublin Tallaght Campus Radio Society of which I was the Chairperson. Each week we have a look at whats going on around the campus and the wider world and how it impacts on the University and its students. I produced and edited the episodes, we managed them on our YouTube account. 

All about podcasting

Podcasting is an ever growing trend that is here to stay and anyone can be a podcaster. in 2019 Reuters conducted a report and found that 37% of people in Ireland listen to a podcast, that is one in every three. Many people do not like the sound of their own voice but don't let that put you off, lots of other people do like the sound of your voice. We can help you with: 
  • hardware 
  • software 
  • sharing 
  • tips and tricks  
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