I can help you fulfil your podcasting ambitions. Content marketing comes in many different shapes and sizes and you can now add podcasting to the mix. Audio is now being used in clever ways to fit into content plans alongside video, blog

posts, visuals and social media updates.

Irish Music Gems the Podcast

I work closely with Niamh Dunphy to produce and edit her podcast series 'Irish Music Gems' where she explores the Irish Music scene and its rising stars. 

Niamh supplies me with the raw file that she has recorded with her guest each week make the necessary adjustments to the sound quality add the introduction, outro and theme tune and return a .wav and .mp3 file ready for Niamh to upload to her chosen site. 

Dan & Darragh do Ability the Podcast

I have had the pleasure of working on this podcast with my good friend Daniel Airey for a number of years now. 

We started this podcast back in second year while in college both as a way to highlight the ability in disability to raise awareness around disability and to use the very practical skills we were learning in college. 

We bring the podcast each week through a planning meeting where we'll agree what we want to look at in the coming episode but also plan into the future where we book guests to have on the show. 

I record, edit and curate each episode onto our chose platform and distribute via ur social media channels. 

This University Socs and Clubs

While in college when I was chairperson of the Radio Society I started the mildly successful 'This University Socs and Clubs' podcast.