portfolio work

This is a selection of some of my work from my four year Hons Degree program at TU Dublin Tallaght Campus. In the four years we covered 

The Blight

'The Blight' I wrote and directed this 4th year short film. Little did we know at the time of shooting in December 2019 that by the time we had the film ready in January 2020 that we were facing into a very real pandemic. Life and art always proportionality mixed. 

Promotion Video for TU Dublin Radio Society

I created this video was to promote the TU Dublin Tallaght Campus Radio Society. It went on to represent the Tallaght Campus Societies at the Board of Irish Colleges and Societies (BICS) 2020 and it was nominated for the TU Dublin Tallaght Campus Clubs and Societies Awards in December 2020 

A covid-19 sounDtrack

This is one of my final year audio projects. This soundtrack picks up the Covid-19 story just as it arrives into Ireland and tracks it progress across the country and into our lives. The thought process behind the project was to invoke a feeling through the use of a soundscape.  

the runaway train

A special train destined for Cobh in Co. Cork bringing pilgrims to Lourdes made up of one steam engine and ten carriages set out from Birr station and later arrived in Roscrea. When it arrived in Roscrea it was decided to add a further three carriages to the set as there were more passengers waiting. The engine was uncoupled and shunted four additional carriages to the main train set. When the new carriages made contact with the ten carriages standing at the platform with the gentlest of touches the standing train moved away before it was coupled to the engine. Staff boarded the now runaway train and attempted to us the emergency brakes in the guard van but they did not stop the train. As there is a gradient that drops away from Roscrea towards Birr for about four miles the train picked up speed. A scheduled service had left Birr station and was now on the same single line shared by the runaway train. They could see the smoke of the oncoming scheduled service from Birr. The guard from the runaway train went onto the side of the van waving a red flag while the station master who had also boarded the train waved his hat from the other side in an attempt to get the attention of the oncoming train while the porter continued to try the emergency brakes which failed to work. The driver of the scheduled service seen the red flag and the oncoming train and managed to bring his train to a stop but as he was attempting to reverse the runaway hit the train. It was estimated that the impact happened at between 30 and 40 miles per hour. The first four carriages of the runaway train were demolished and it is in these carriages that most of the injuries occurred. Help arrived from the monks at the near by monastery, a special train was sent from Roscrea and members of the British armies Leinster Regiment who were stationed in Crinkle outside Birr. A full investigation was undertaken and compensation was paid out.

Schindler's list

This is an excerpt from Schindler's list that we filmed in third year of our Hon's Degree program. I was director on the project.

Foroige Promotional Video

This was a promotional video we created from my concept which I pitched to Foroige. Foroige had approached the college with a request to deliver a promotional video celebrating the work of Foroige in the community and the engagement  of its service users. I directed and produced the commercial.